Resolution # 2009-9

Resolution of the Cherry Valley Town Board

Proposed Action: State Financial Assistance for Reappraisal Project

Whereas, The State of New York will provide financial assistance to the Town for the implementation of a system of Real Property Tax Administration which conforms to the standards established pursuant to Subdivision 1 of #1570 of the Real Property Tax Law, and

Whereas, The Cherry Valley Town Board is in full support of a full reappraisal of the Town of Cherry Valley, and

Now therefore be it resolved, The Town of Cherry Valley hereby requests State assistance, specifically from the Office of Real Property Services of the State, to assist in a reappraisal project to achieve and maintain a uniform standard of assessment for the 2011 assessment roll in accordance with section 305 of the Real Property Tax law, and

Further be it resolved, The Supervisor is hereby authorized and directed to expend the necessary funds for the preparation of said plan and the establishment and maintenance of the Real Property Improvement Program and to make application to the State Board of Real Property Services for financial assistance therefore pursuant to #1573 of the New York State Real Property Tax Law.

Resolution # 2009-9 December 10th 2009

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