April 13, 2006

TB Meeting April 13, 2006

The regular meeting of the Town Board of Cherry Valley was held on Thursday, April 13, 2006 with the meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Supervisor Garretson.

Pledge to the flag was said.

Roll Call was taken: Tom Garretson-Supervisor P

Jim Johnson-Councilperson P

Fabian Bressett-Councilperson P

Ed VanDerwerker-Highway Superintendent P

Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk P

Minutes of the March 2006 meeting were read and approved.

Bills for the month of April are presented:

82. Association of Towns $ 85.00

83. Williamson Law Book Co. 101.55

84. R.H. Crown Co. 166.81

85. Tri-County Communications, Inc. 179.10

86. Fredy Herr 61.08

87. Cherry Valley Hardware 47.23pd

88. Rury’s Food Store 37.00pd

89. Verizon 53.90pd

90. Suburban Energy Services 605.07pd

91. Otsego County Magistrates Association 40.00pd

92. National Grid 890.84pd

93. Suburban Energy Services 743.46pd

94. Cordia Communications 95.91pd

95. Broadview Networks 27.55pd

96. Suburban Energy Services 410.74pd

97. Verizon Wireless 11.11pd

98. Vets Disposal 54.55pd

99. Broadview Networks 27.55pd

100. Suburban Propane Services-Highway 1,761.55pd

101. Suburban Propane Services-Highway 672.99pd

102. Hanson Aggregates NY-Highway 4,326.07pd

Health Center

103. Quill $ 64.66pd

104. Ikon Office Solutions 44.18pd

105. Transcription Associates 673.66pd

106. Rury’s Food Store 130.14pd

107. Medical Arts Press 32.14pd

108. Medical Arts Press 185.20pd

109. Medical Arts Press 89.86pd

Health Center cont’d

110. Rural Business Services $ 250.00pd

111. Transcription Associates 807.43pd

112. Medical Arts Press 47.68pd

113. Smile Makers 78.71pd

114. Broadview Networks 295.81pd

115. Suburban Energy Services 595.28pd

116. Thompson Electric and Plumbing 235.42pd

Highway Vouchers

Item 3 vouchers 55-68

Item 4 vouchers 10-12

Motion made by Bressett second by Johnson to pay the bills as presented. Motion carried.

Town share of monthly sales tax collected for the month of January 2006 is $3,434.43.

Dog Control Officers report was read for information only.


Mary Beth Flint reported on the Community Center/Alden Field. She stated the Community Center was very active over the winter months with Men’s Basketball every Wednesday night, Adult Soccer every Tuesday night, Scout meetings as well as scout events were also held at the Community Center. The Children’s Center used the gymnasium as their Physical Education area for the months of February and March.

Supervisor Garretson reported the fields for soccer are all lined and ready to go for the upcoming spring soccer league.

A representative from the Village Board was unavailable.

Liz Plymell representative of the Town Planning Board reported the March meeting was postponed due to the elections. The Committee for the Comprehensive plan is moving along. The committee is close to finalizing a survey to send out to all Town residents in the near future.

Supervisor Garretson asked Sara Childs to do a real property inventory for Cherry Valley. She is currently working on the Town of Hartwick’s real property inventory.

Supervisor Garretson asked Jeff Stiles to supply a monthly Facilities report. Supervisor Garretson contacted Dave Armeayo, contractor, for an estimate on replacement of the flat roof at the Old School Gymnasium, the estimate is $8,500. There was a problem with a radiator leak under the stage which was repaired.

Facilities report cont’d

In case of a power outage at The Health center, there is an automatic system set-up so Jeff Stiles will be notified by telephone. Supervisor Garretson will be in contact with Ikon Office Supplies for a replacement copier. Jeff Stiles insulated the attic area of the old Town Barn. Jeff will be constructing the new Courtroom and Justice Chambers at the office space being leased from the Cherry Valley Facilities Corporation.

Phil Durkin, County Representative reported that the snow and ice check is in the mail. He also reported on the Federal NIMS (national incident management system) program for the Fire Department. This program’s originator is from Home Land Security. The 4% sales tax on clothing was not dropped in Otsego County and will not happen this year.

Martha Frye sent correspondence seeking nominations for the 2006 Historic Preservation Award for Otsego and Schoharie Counties.

Joe Middleton of Bassett Healthcare may have surplus office equipment if the Town is interested.

Grant has been submitted for the Kilmeier Property Purchase for the Scenic Byway.

Mary Beth Flint reported the ONCE information meeting regarding the Wind Turbine project held on March 25th was well attended.

Supervisor Garretson stated there is going to be an informational meeting on April 10 in Milford at the School regarding two area projects: East Hill Wind Farm in Cherry Valley and the Bio-mass proposal in Oneonta.

Supervisor Garretson received a response letter from the Cherry Valley Facilities Corporation regarding his letter about the office space being leased at the Old Cherry Valley School. The Town will be receiving credit for previously paid rent per Bill Harnett.

George Cade needs to appraise the Shelly Property Purchase.

There will be a Visual Impact Analysis Breakfast at the Otesaga April 27, 2006 @ 8am.

Diane Sullivan, project manager for Environmental Design and Research, P.C. or EDR gave a presentation to the Board on the SEQR (state environmental quality review act) process. She reviewed the following:

  • Overview of the SEQR process. A guide for local governments.
  • 11 steps for the SEQR process.
  • Help to develop a wind power facility ordinance.
  • Determining a lead agency.

· Scoping process.

· Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS)

· Interviewing and selecting a Firm to review the DEIS

· Public hearing

Motion made by Johnson second by Bressett to allow Superintendent to pursue bids to replace 2001 Ford 550. Carried.

Resolution #1- Read by Supervisor Garretson

Assessor for the Town of Cherry Valley maintains the tax role for the Town of Decatur and Cherry Valley.

Supervisor Garretson moved the resolution be adopted Bressett second. All in favor:

Bressett-Aye, Johnson-Aye, Garretson-Aye, motion Carried.

The floor was opened up for question, comments and concerns:

Les Sittler, Attorney for David Rosentholz and Dana Weiner, asked questions to David Little, Reunion Power and Diane Sullivan, EDR regarding tax issues as well as monies available to remove turbines. Mr. Sittler also inquired about a moratorium for the any proposed wind turbine project.

Andy Minig asked questions of David Little and Diane Sullivan with regards to a moratorium being established before the SEQR process.

Mr. Nik Pressley will be on next months agenda. He will cover the Environmental Impact Statement and Scoping Options.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:53pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Beth Flint

Town Clerk

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