Cherry Valley Town Barn April 18, 2006

Cherry Valley, NY 7:30 pm

L. Franzese made a motion to open the Whipple Preliminary Plat Public Hearing at 7:30, seconded and approved. H. Whipple answered questions from the public. Motion was made to close the hearing by L. Franzese at 7:50 P.M., seconded and approved.

The regular meeting of the Town of Cherry Valley Planning Board was called to order at 7:50 pm in the Cherry Valley Town Barn, Cherry Valley, NY.

Members present: Jeff Wait, Linda Franzese, Liz Plymell, Russ Flint, Bud Garretson and Marion Holmes

Members absent: Walter Buist

Reading of the Minutes

The minutes of the February 2006 meeting were read approved by all those present. The March meeting was not held.

1st Item of Business

Reunion Power will be putting up 2 additional Meteorological towers on the properties of Robert Bernard and Joel Bornt.

Chairperson Wait spoke with the County planning Board to confirm that this did not need to go in front of the county.

Motion was made and approved to send the County Code office a copy of these minutes.

2nd Item of Business

Henry Whipple, Spring Hollow Farm, Neilson Rd. Preliminary plat represented. A check for $1100 dollars was paid to the Town Clerk. The SEQR review found that the property was wholly within the Lindsay Patent and that because of this care should be made to insure minimal disturbance to any existing land markers such as stonewalls.

Motion was made and approved to accept as plat as preliminary for a major subdivision.

A public hearing will be held for the final plat during the May meeting on May 16th at 7:30 P.M.

Misc. Business

L. Franzese made a suggestion that the Town Lawyer be present during the meetings.

L. Plymell brought up County Code permitting and enforcement. A letter will be sent to the Count Code Office requesting that any future permits abide by Town Regulations and Laws. A request will be made to the Town Board that they also send a letter to the Code Office.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made at 9:45 pm carried by all those present.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elizabeth Plymell, Secretary

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