TPB JAN. 2006



Cherry Valley Town Barn January 16, 2006

Cherry Valley, NY 7:30 pm

The regular meeting of the Town of Cherry Valley Planning Board was called to order at 7:30 pm in the Cherry Valley Town Barn, Cherry Valley, NY.

Members present: Chris Ottman, Liz Plymell, Jeff Wait, Linda Franzese

Members absent: Russ Flint, Bud Garrettson and Marion Holmes

Reading of the Minutes

The minutes of the November 2005 meeting were read approved by all those present.

1st Item of Business

James & Mary Ann Shearer lot line adjustment. Notification to adjacent landowners has been sent. Motion to accept as preliminary made by L. Franzese, seconded by J. Wait, carried by all those present. Continued to final plat. Motion made to accept as final made by L. Franzese, seconded by L. Plymell, carried by all present. Twenty-five dollar fee paid.

2nd Item of Business

Tammy Silvestri of Century 21 representing the estate of Lillie Mae Oglesby. Held over until next meeting. Mylar needed with right of way added.

3rd Item of Business

Rob Lee representing E. Deckers Ayers for minor subdivision of Property on County Route 33. New proposal presented. A property trade will be done with Mr. Franzen Clough to remove by deed the existing 30 ft ROW in exchange for 60 ft wide by 196 ft deep parcel. Motion to accept as preliminary made by L. Franzese seconded by J. Wait carried by all those present.

4th Item of Business

Henry Whipple, Spring Hollow Farm, Neilson Rd. Sketch plan presented. Mr. Whipple was asked to change “Center of Ditch” to “Center of Stream” and add FEMA flood zone to the map. Motion to accept as sketch made by L. Franzese seconded by J. Wait. Carried by all those present.

Misc. Business

Mr. Andrew Minnig addressed the Board regarding comments made during the November meeting. He indicated that comments made at the County Board meeting were confined to County only and particularly to the Industrial development agency. The Town of Cherry Valley nor any officials of said town were mentioned.

Election of new chairperson was held. Jeff Wait will be the new chairperson.

Chris Ottman will not be seeking reappointment.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made by L. Franzese, seconded by C. Ottman.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elizabeth Plymell, Acting Secretary

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