Cherry Valley Town Barn June 20, 2006

Cherry Valley, NY 7:30 pm

Members present: Jeff Wait, Liz Plymell, Russ Flint, Bud Garretson, Walter Buist and Marion Holmes

Members absent: Linda Franzese

Time was given to any Public input from the audiences

Meeting was called to order at 7:34 pm

Reading of the Minutes

The minutes of the May 2006 meeting were given to members in paper format and approved by all those present.

1st Item of Business

Preliminary plat presented by Erin Flint regarding minor subdivision of 3.99 acres from property located at tax map 45.00-1-31.00.

R. Flint abstained from voting on the following motions.

Motion made by L. Plymell to accept as preliminary, seconded and carried by all those present.

Motion made by L. Plymell to waive Public hearing, seconded and carried by all those present. Neighbors to the property were asked about heir opinion of this subdivision, all present were favorable.

Motion made by L. Plymell to accept Mylar as final plat, seconded and carried by all present.

A fee of $25 cash was paid to Secretary Plymell.

Misc. Business

Discussion was made regarding amendments to the Subdivision Regulations and the Site Plan Law.

A draft of the wind ordinance was presented to the members of the board.

Chairperson Wait brought to the board a request for the Planning Board to ask the Town board to enact a moratorium on all projects needing a full environmental assessment in order for the Town Comprehensive Plan to be completed within 6 months and for a complete review and revision of the Town subdivision regulations, land use regulations and site plan review law which is expected to take 12 months.

A motion was made by B. Garretson to request from the Town Board such a moratorium, seconded and carried by all those present.

R. Flint suggested that the Planning Board meet an additional day per month to complete the revisions. It was decided the first such day would be Wednesday July 12 at 5:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elizabeth Plymell, Secretary

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