September 14, 2006

TB Meeting September 14, 2006

The regular meeting of the Town of Cherry Valley Town Board was held on Thursday September 14, 2006 with meeting called to order at 7:05PM by Supervisor Garretson.

Pledge to the Flag.

Roll Call was taken:

Tom Garretson Supervisor P

Fabian Bressett Councilperson P

Jim Johnson Councilperson P

Ed VanDerwerker Highway Superintendent P

Mary Beth Flint Town Clerk P

Minutes of the August 2006 meeting were read. Motion made by Bressett second by Johnson to approve the minutes as read. Carried.

Bills for the month of August presented:

#213 Cherry Valley Hardware $ 38.70

214 Cherry Valley Hardware 17.92

215 Ivan Rosengrant 50.00

216 Tom Wintermute 50.00

217 Joe Weaver 50.00

218 John Kokell 50.00

219 Ed Dubben-CV Pony League 446.00

220 Village of Cherry Valley 118.89

221 Quill 85.48

222 National Pastime 284.50

223 Helen Stiles-Reimbursement 177.50

224 William T. Ryan Associates 4,366.72

225 Debra Whiteman 222.05pd

226 Sarah Child 2,500.00pd

227 National Grid 745.98pd

228 The Pennysaver 34.50pd

229 Cordia 94.56pd

230 Verizon 27.19pd

231 Vets $ 56.50pd

232 Alberta Deselets 150.00pd

233 Dan Kiesow 60.00pd

234 The Daily Star 105.03pd

235 The Freeman’s Journal 29.65pd

236 Broadview Networks 82.08pd

237 Quill corp.-Health Center (HC) 145.87pd

238 Ikon-HC 62.00pd

239 Ikon Office Solutions-HC 80.41pd

240 Brian W. Bowen Plumbing and Heating-HC 60.69pd

241 Medical Arts Press-HC 176.38pd

242 Logical Net-HC 17.95pd

243 Transcription Associates-HC 728.26pd

244 Smile Makers-HC 58.00pd

245 Quill-HC 120.97pd

246 Verizon-HC 30.35pd

247 Medical Arts Press-HC 35.96pd

248 National Grid-HC 359.14pd

249 Suburban Energy Serv.-HC 59.95pd

250 Ikon Office Solutions-HC 27.99pd

251 Rury’s Food Store-HC 73.25pd

252 Broadview Networks-HC 294.99pd

253 Stamp Fulfillment Services-HC 874.05pd

254 RBS-HC 250.00pd

255 Medical Arts Press-HC 115.94pd

256 Transcription Associates-HC 769.20pd

257 Bassett Healthcare-HC 18,025.44pd

258 Tri-County 79.10

259 The Copy Shop Plus 773.28

260 Post Office Box Fee Community Center 26.00

Highway Vouchers

Item 1 (25-29)

Item 3 (117-126)

Item 4 #14

Motion made by Bressett second by Johnson to pay the bills as presented. Motion carried.

Town share of monthly sales tax collected for the month of June 2006 is $5,587.94.

Dog Control Officers report is read for the months of July and August.


Community Center/Alden Field: Mary Beth Flint reported the Community Center is being well utilized. Supervisor Garretson reported the soccer fields are doing well and there is a lost and found bin at the concession stand which will have lost spikes and shin guards available for any youth to take if needed.

Supervisor Garretson reported that National Grid is offering reimbursement for individuals planting trees away from power lines.

Comprehensive Planning Committee Report given by Walter Buist:

Preliminary results of the recent survey taken in the village were presented. There will be and informational meeting planned for September 26 at the Community Center. Report on file with the Town Clerk.

Planning Board report given by Liz Plymell: August meeting was cancelled due to lack of a forum. A recent working meeting of the Town Planning Board was held shortly thereafter the cancelled meeting.

Facilities Report submitted by Jeff Stiles and read by Supervisor Garretson. Report on file with the Town Clerk.

County Representative: Phil Durkin reports the County Board has not received any bids for the Annex building as of this date. Legionnaires Disease is under control at the Manor. New codes for installing new or used manufactured homes. Must be installed by a certified installer and structure must bear the seal of the certified installer. Issues at the

forefront of the county board will be affordable housing and preliminary budget time.

Butch Jones will be offering NIMS (National Incident Management system) training for all local officials, fire departments, elected officials, etc.

Supervisor Garretson proposed resolution #5 Whereas the Town Highway Superintendent needs to maintain a dependable fleet of trucks and machinery. Whereas: the current Ford F550 has reached the end of its dependable life and will need to be replaced. Resolved: a new 2007 GMC 5500 has been approved an ordered and will be financed through NBT bank with a $60,673 installment bond not to exceed 4.5% annual interest and that will mature 3 years from the date of issue (09-15-06) and will be paid in 3 equal annual installments. Supervisor Garretson made a motion to adopt Resolution #5, seconded by Councilperson Bressett. A vote of Ayes and noyes was taken: Garretson-Aye, Bressett-Aye, Johnson-Aye. Resolution #5 adopted.

Supervisor Garretson read correspondence from Eric Miller, Executive Director of the Otsego County Conservation Association offering his expertise to the Town Board during the recruitment for a vacancy on the Town Board. Supervisor Garretson made a motion to accept Mr. Miller’s offer to be a consultant to the Town Board for the time frame of present to January 2007. Councilperson Bressett seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Supervisor Garretson read a letter from the Town Planning Board regarding the applications they have received for the vacancy on the Planning Board. The board narrowed down the list of eleven (11) applicants to three (3). The three (3) candidates are, Carol Minich, Leonard Press and Richard Mark. Supervisor Garretson made a motion to appoint Leonard Press to the Planning Board, Seconded by Councilperson Johnson. Motion carried.

Supervisor Garretson read a letter from the Planning Board regarding the proposed Local Law #2 to properly regulate Wind Energy Facilities. Letter on file with the Town Clerk.

Councilperson Bressett received a telephone call from Planning Board members disturbed that they did not have a say in the Local Law and that it was already written and presented to the Planning Board members. Supervisor Garretson responded with the proposed Local Law needs to go to a Public Hearing, revisions if necessary and then to another Public Hearing.

Supervisor Garretson stated the petitions handed in regarding moving from a 3 to 5 man board did not go unnoticed at the August Town Board meeting. This is being worked into the comprehensive plan and

is an involved process. More information will be coming from the attorney.

Supervisor Garretson made a motion to have a Special Town Board meeting on Monday, September 25, 2006 to be held at the Community Center with a start time of 6:00PM. Councilperson Johnson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Supervisor Garretson made a motion to have Public Hearing to be held Monday, September 25, 2006 at the Community Center with a start

time of 6:00PM. Councilperson Bressett seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The Town Clerk will place legal notices in the Town papers.

Copies of the proposed Local Law #2 Wind Energy Facilities will be available at the Town Clerk’s office and the Otsego County Representatives website.

There was a question raised from the floor will petitions be allowed at the Public Hearing. Supervisor Garretson stated petitions will not be accepted. Individuals will be allowed to address the Board verbally or in written letterform.

Supervisor Garretson introduced representatives from MRT, Attorneys at Law and Labella Associates, Engineering Firm.

Due to the number of community members attending the Town Board meetings Supervisor Garretson made a motion to move the Town Board meetings to the Community Center starting in October. Seconded by Councilperson Bressett. Motion carried. Town Board meeting time will remain at 7:00PM.

The Attorney and Engineer present from MRT and Labella Associates addressed question, Comments and Concerns brought forth by the public present. Mr. Fucillo-MRT suggested the Public Hearing be kept

open for a period of 10 business days following the Public Hearing for written response.

There being no further business a motion was made by Councilperson Bressett to adjourn, seconded by Councilperson Johnson, meeting adjourned at 8:57PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Flint

Town Clerk

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