TPB FEB. 2006



Cherry Valley Town Barn February 21, 2006

Cherry Valley, NY 7:30 pm

The regular meeting of the Town of Cherry Valley Planning Board was called to order at 7:30 pm in the Cherry Valley Town Barn, Cherry Valley, NY.

Members present: Walter Buist, Liz Plymell, Jeff Wait, Bud Garretson and Marion Holmes

Members absent: Russ Flint, Linda Franzese

Reading of the Minutes

The minutes of the January 2006 meeting were read approved by all those present.

1st Item of Business

Henry Whipple, Spring Hollow Farm, Neilson Rd. Preliminary plat presented. Corrections to map had been made has asked. Motion to accept as preliminary made by B. Garretson seconded by L. Plymell. Carried by all those present.

2nd Item of Business

Tammy Silvestri of Century 21 representing the estate of Lillie Mae Oglesby. Final mylar presented with ROW added. Motion to accept has final made by M. Holmes seconded by W. Buist carried by all those present. Fee of $25 paid in cash.

Misc. Business

Walter Buist was welcomed to the board has the newest member.

Discussion about a Vice-Chairperson was held. L. Franzese had indicated she would like to carry out the duties at the Feb meeting. It was decided to appoint her as Vice-Chaiperson.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made at 8:12pm carried by all those present.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elizabeth Plymell, Secretary

Addendum to minutes: The March 2006 meeting was cancelled by Vice-Chairperson Linda Franzese because Village Elections were held on the same day in the Town Barn. Vice-Chair Franzese spoke with Henry Whipple in regards to his public hearing. He approved the hearing to be rescheduled for the April 18th meeting.

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