TB Meeting May 8, 2008

The regular meeting of the Town of Cherry Valley Town Board was held on Thursday, May 8, 2008 with meeting called to order at 7:05PM by Supervisor Garretson.

Pledge to the Flag was said.

Roll call of Officers was taken:
Tom Garretson Supervisor P
Mark Cornwell Councilperson P
Jim Johnson Councilperson P
Ed VanDerWerker Highway Superintendent P
Mary Beth Flint Town Clerk P

Minutes of the April 2008 meeting were read and corrected. Supervisor Garretson approved the minutes as corrected.

188 Lyman & James Johnson $200.00pd
189 Cherry Valley Facilities Corp. $200.00pd
190 NBT Bank $9,130.19pd
191 Standard Security Life Insurance $53.40pd
192 Time Warner $69.95pd
193 Rural Business Services $250.00pd
194 Cordia Communications $95.10pd
195 Verizon Wireless $94.46pd
196 Cherry Valley Hardware $37.37pd
197 Cintas Corp. $167.80pd
198 Clarks Sports Center $500.00pd
199 Suburban Propane $1,913.00pd
200 Hummel’s Office Plus $124.92pd
201 AFLAC New York $166.80pd
202 United States Treasury $49.54pd
203 NYS Employment Taxes $838.25pd
204 US Postal Service $236.60pd
205 Logical Net $17.95pd
206 Vets Casella Waste Services $58.42pd
207 Ikon Financial Services $196.91pd
208 Mercury Media Group $9.95pd
209 The Daily Star $39.84pd
210 Transcription Associates $928.50pd
211 Lisa Fassett $9.20pd
212 Postmaster $41.00pd
213 Gates Cole Associates $1,039.69pd
214 Verizon $178.98pd
215 National Grid $1,685.81pd
216 Bassett Healthcare $21,868.24pd
TB Meeting May 8, 2008

217 Road Runner LLC $139.91pd
218 Hummel’s Office Plus $82.01pd
219 Medical Arts Press $20.98pd
220 Quill Corp. $73.14pd
221 US Postal Service $1,187.60pd
222 Russell Johnson $320.94pd
223 Jessica Vanbreukelen $40.00pd
224 William T. Ryan Associates $791.69pd
225 Dorothy E. Johnson $23.40pd
226 Coca Cola Ent. $35.00pd
227 Excellus Blue Cross $256.06pd
228 Excellus Blue Cross Blue Sheild $3,731.97pd
229 Cherry Valley Hardware $1,404.00pd
230 NBT Bank $32,448.00pd
231 County of Otsego $12.60pd
232 A Rose is A Rose $65.00pd

Highway Vouchers:
Item 1 (5-9)
Item 3 (68-78)

Councilperson Johnson made a motion to accept the invoices and payments as read Councilperson Cornwell seconded the motion. The invoices and payments have been presented and accepted. All in favor 3 yes 0 no. Motion carried.

Town share of monthly sales tax collected for the month of February 2008 is $5,808.15.

Information presented to the Town Clerk by Supervisor Garretson is as follows:
Dog Control Officers Reports for March and April 2008

Miscellaneous Information and Review of Goals for 2008. Supervisor Garretson made a motion to change salt and sand lease payment and Town Clerk/Village Clerk lease payment from a monthly payment to an annual payment. Councilperson Cornwell seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Mary Beth presented the Town Clerk software program from Williamson Law Book Co. to the Board.


Alden Field: Taylor Miles will be lining the soccer fields and doing light custodial work at the concession stand.

Community Center update given by Mary Beth Flint: Youth commission met on April
TB Meeting May 8, 2008

15th. Bob Loucks will be completing Dan Kiesow’s appointed duties at the Community Center.

Health Center: April Revenue $41,094.00 Expenses $28,843.

Town Facilities report: Volunteer workday is pending.

Visitor’s Center: Motion made by Councilperson Cornwell to form a Citizens Committee for the Visitors Center. Councilperson Johnson seconded the motion. Councilperson Johnson will join the committee at the end of 2008.

Planning Board report given by Walter Buist. There is no current business before the Planning Board. Walter spoke with Steve Eisenburg of Reunion Power and two met towers have been removed.

Highway Department: Highway Superintendent Ed VanDerwerker updated the board on a new pay loader and a new truck. Supervisor Garretson spoke with Terry Bliss regarding a scrap steel and tire pick up day. Supervisor Garretson gave Ed The Highway Superintendents software package from Williamson Law Book Co. Update also given regarding the salt shed electrical use reimbursement from Adirondack Maple Farms.

Land Use Committee did not meet in April.

Alternative/Renewable Energy Committee Agenda for May 2008 is presented. Town of Caroline wind energy project presentation is scheduled for May 21, 2008 at 7:00pm at the Community Center.

Cate LaBarre and Win McIntyre addressed the Board regarding the condition of their road, Salt Springville Road. During the winter months the road is great and it is drivable. During the summer months there is a big dust problem and with the aggregate used on the road. They are asking if something can be done to reduce the dust problem on this road. Highway Superintendent VanDerwerker explained the road maintenance schedule for the Town Roads. Oil and gravel has been put down and this has alleviated some of the dust problems.

Richard Marks gave and update to the Board regarding the recent audit of the Health Center books.

Questions and Comments were entertained by the public present.

Jack Palmenteri asked if a location for the visitor center has been decided?

Motion made by Councilperson Cornwell to adjourn the meeting, seconded by
TB Meeting May 8, 2008

Councilperson Johnson. Meeting adjourned at 8:39PM

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Flint
Town Clerk