TB Meeting April 8, 2010

TB Meeting April 8, 2010

The regular meeting of the Town Board of Cherry Valley was held on Thursday, April 8 2010 with meeting called to order at 7:03PM by Supervisor Garretson.

Pledge to the Flag was said.

Roll call of Officers was taken:

Tom Garretson Supervisor P
Mark Cornwell Councilperson P
Jim Johnson Councilperson P
Tim Horvath Councilperson P
Chris Barown Councilperson P
Ed VanDerWerker Highway Superintendent P
Mary Beth Flint Town Clerk P

Minutes of the March 2010 meeting were read. Supervisor Garretson approved the minutes as corrected.

Bills for the month of April 2010 are presented:
138 RBS Inc $250.00pd
139 Broadview Networks $318.65pd
140 M Wheelock Disposal $41.50pd
141 MVP Healthcare, Inc $1,875.38pd
142 Transcription Associates $751.35pd
143 Time Warner Cable Business $69.95pd
144 Cherry Valley Hardware $113.73pd
145 RL Parsons Inc $2,197.62pd
146 Verizon Wireless $96.21pd
147 Rury’s Food Store $118.54pd
148 Ikon Office Supply $130.68pd
149 Cordia Communications $107.01pd
150 Cintas Corporation #121 $214.13pd
151 Bassett Healthcare $29,568.89pd
152 Otsego County Hwy Superintendent $35.00pd
153 Excellus BC/BS $222.47pd
154 Foit-Albert Associates, P.C. $838.82pd
155 National Grid $1,414.23pd
156 JB Supply $73.90pd
157 William T. Ryan Associates $720.77pd
158 Heather Cronkite $157.68pd
159 Ikon Financial Services $196.91pd
160 William Garretson $125.00pd
161 Time Warner Cable Business $74.95pd
162 Verizon $106.20pd
163 Hillyard/New York $225.28pd
164 Hummel’s Office Plus $267.58pd
165 Public Goods Pool $631.00pd
166 George Cade $4,194.00pd
167 Hughesnet $64.99pd
168 Rod’s Welding $29.70pd

Highway Vouchers:
Item 1 (2-6)
Item 3 (42-58)

Councilperson Barown made a motion to accept the invoices and payments as read Councilperson Johnson seconded the motion. The invoices and payments have been presented and accepted. All in favor 5 yes 0 no. Motion carried.

Monthly budget and NBT account balances are reviewed.

Information presented to the Town Clerk by Supervisor Garretson is as follows:
Town share of monthly County sales tax collected for the month of January 2010 was $3,515.00.
Dog Control Officers Report for 9-09 through 2-10

Community Center/Alden Field:
Revenue for March was $523 and Expenses for March $3,313
Dinner for the Health Center Recognition Day is Saturday, April 10
Winter events are winding down due to nice weather and people wanting to be outside

Miscellaneous Information:
Cornerstone Telephone Company Invoice-Chris to review invoice before payment is made
Next month-Trail System presentation (Google trails.com)

Health Center:
Revenue for March was $31,226 and Expense for March was $36,819
Health Center Appreciation dinner at the Community Center is April 10.
Penny raffle 10am-4pm-Dinner 4pm-7pm-Music 7pm-10pm

Town Facilities:
Dan Crowell, County Treasurer-The Town should change how they submit the Town Tax records to the County. Currently data has to be entered manually into the County Software. The Town will be charged for the extra manual labor it takes to enter the information. The Town should look into software that is compatible with the County software to be able to import the information reducing the manual hours of data entry.

Town and Village board minutes and info is posted on the website-www.cherryvalleyny.us

Town Planning:
Next Month-Review of 2010 Goals

Assessor Cade gave a brief update of houses completed and houses yet to be completed for the revaluation.

There was one comment from the public present:
Andy Minnig would like to congratulate the new Dad’s on the Town Board.

There being no further business a motion was made by Councilperson Cornwell and seconded by Councilperson Horvath. Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk