The regular meeting of the Town Board of Cherry Valley was held on Thursday, May 10, 2018 with meeting called to order at 7:00PM by Supervisor Garretson.

Pledge to the Flag was said

Roll call of Officers was taken:
Tom Garretson-Supervisor P
Jim Johnson-Councilperson P
Mark Cornwell-Councilperson P
Holly Waterfield-Councilperson P
Ed VanDerWerker-Councilperson P
Tony Miles-Highway Superintendent P
Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk P

Reading of last months minutes will be dispensed of and minutes accepted as presented and or corrected.

Presentation of invoices and payments:
41 US Postal Service $80.00pd
42 RL Parsons Inc $873.74pd
43 RICOH USA Inc $72.87pd
44 Quill Corporation $130.44pd
45 RBS Inc $250.00pd
46 National Grid $119.39pd
47 JB Supply $218.07pd
48 US Postal Service $864.60pd
49 Bassett Healthcare $33,518.91pd
50 Magna 5 $214.99pd
51 Constellation Newenergy Inc $69.23pd
52 RICOH USA Inc $17.80pd
53 Public Goods Pool $276.00pd

90 Spectrum Enterprises $79.95pd
91 US Postal Service $54.00pd
92 RL Parsons Inc $2,409.76pd
93 Tony Miles $78.23pd
94 The Daily Star $58.32pd
95 Magna 5 $318.10pd
96 Excellus BC/BS $803.75pd
97 National Grid $653.13pd
98 Spectrum Enterprises $74.95pd
99 Casella Waste Services $55.84pd
100 Cintas Corporation #121 $303.06pd
101 State Comptroller $1,778.00pd
102 Otsego Electric Cooperative Inc $75.00pd
103 Constellation Newenergy Inc $209.99pd
104 Hummels Office Plus $74.90pd
105 United Healthcare $16.22pd
106 Verizon $104.69pd
107 American Wholesalers $98.95pd
108 Spectrum Enterprise $79.95pd

Highway Vouchers:
Item 1 (38-39)
Item 3 (187-198)
Item 4 (44-45)

Councilperson VanDerWerker made a motion to accept the invoices and payments as read Councilperson Waterfield seconded the motion. The invoices and payments have been presented and accepted. All in favor 5 yes 0 no. Motion carried.

Presentation of Invoices and Payments:
• Budget reviewed as well as NBT Account balances.

Misc. information to the Town Clerk:
• Sales tax for the month of MAR $6,762.22
• Treasurer of Otsego County Snow and Ice $31,458.90
• Trinity Services Group, Inc $575.00
• Thank you card received from Cherry Valley Artworks

Community Center Alden Field and Park:
• Rentals are up
• Winding down Town sponsored Wednesday night Basketball
• Catholic Church basket raffle over Memorial Day weekend.

Highway Department:
• Highway Superintendent Miles reported he had to plant trees around the perimeter of the shale bank where the mining will take place.

• County Rep Bliss reported on County Business. Hoping to redo the bend in the road by Glensfoot to be safer.
• Still having an issue with recyclable bins because of illegal dumping. The County may pull the bins because there isn’t a way to patrol the bins and control the dumping problem.

• Town and Village board minutes online @ cherryvalleyny.us
Question and comments by the public present:

Motion to adjourn- Councilperson Cornwell Seconded-Councilperson Waterfield

There being no further business meeting adjourned at 8:02PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk
Town Board minutes were recorded.