TB Meeting March 19, 2009

TB Meeting March 19, 2009

The regular meeting of the Town Board of Cherry Valley was held on Thursday, March 19, 2009 with meeting called to order at 7:02PM by Supervisor Garretson.

Pledge to the Flag was said.

Roll call of Officers was taken:
Tom Garretson Supervisor P
Mark Cornwell Councilperson P
Jim Johnson Councilperson P
Ed VanDerWerker Highway Superintendent P
Mary Beth Flint Town Clerk P

Minutes of the February 2009 meeting were read. Supervisor Garretson approved the minutes as corrected.

Bills for the month of March 2009 are presented:
87 Otsego County Town Supervisors Association $100.00pd
88 Paraco Gas $883.85pd
89 NYS Association of Magistrates Court $35.00pd
90 Time Warner Cable Business Class $69.95pd
91 US Postal Service $482.60pd
92 Medical Arts Press $200.59pd
93 Quill Corporation $227.96pd
94 CASEBP $55.13pd
95 NYS Unemployment Insurance $297.92pd
96 Rural Business Services $250.00pd
97 Verizon Wireless $95.92pd
98 Broadview $332.87pd
99 Transcription Associates $906.15pd
100 Rury’s Food Store $128.00pd
101 Medical Arts Press $92.95pd
102 Cordia Communications $106.51pd
103 R.L. Parsons Inc. $1,975.94pd
104 Cherry Valley Hardware $42.50pd
105 The Daily Star $17.95pd
106 Thomas Garretson $16.80pd
107 Postmaster $15.60pd
108 Cintas Corporation $195.60pd
109 Logical Net $17.95pd
110 Bassett Healthcare $22,276.54pd
111 Verizon $189.51pd
112 Ikon Financial Services $196.91pd
113 Time Warner Cable Road Runner $74.95pd
114 National Grid $1,618.12pd
115 Lyman and James Johnson $2,400pd
116 Cherry Valley Fire District $81,045.00pd
117 Jaird Johnson $23.00pd
118 Otsego County Town Clerks Association $50.00pd
119 JB Supply $74.24pd
120 Thelma Cecce $162.50pd
121 Ed Vanderwerker $390.16pd
122 Anderson’s Hardware $89.55pd
123 Paraco Gas $438.51pd
124 RBS Inc. $100.00pd
125 NYS Public Goods Pool $499.00pd
126 Excellus BC/BS General Dental $222.47pd
127 Excellus BC/BS Hwy Dental $231.72pd
128 Excellus BC/BS General Medical $1,504.47pd
129 Excellus BC/BS Hwy Hlth $4,209.11pd

Highway Vouchers:
Item 1 (1-2
Item 3 (25-36)
Item 4 (7-8)

Councilperson Johnson made a motion to accept the invoices and payments as read Councilperson Cornwell seconded the motion. The invoices and payments have been presented and accepted. All in favor 3 yes 0 no. Motion carried.

Information presented to the Town Clerk by Supervisor Garretson is as follows:
Town share of monthly County sales tax collected for the month of December 2008 is $3,714.72.
Dog Control Officers reports for Nov2008-January 2009.

Community Center:
Revenue for Feb was $182 and Expenses were $3,834.00.
Biddy Basketball was a success this year
The Opera will be renting the Community Center this summer.

Miscellaneous Information:
The Town Clerk is still learning the new Town Clerk Software.
Supervisor Garretson will inform the Justices to come up with a mutual way for the public to contact them with questions.
Reminder that the Town Board meeting for May 14th is moved to May 21st.

Health Center:
Revenue for Feb $27,625 and Expenses for Feb was $29,629
Supervisor Garretson received to quotes from other CPA firms one came in at $7,000 and the other at $9,000. Gruver, Zweifel and Scott came in at $3,000. An agreement letter has gone out to Gruver, Zweifel and Scott for the 2008 health center audit.

Town Facilities:
Supervisor Garretson will run an expense report to see if we can complete the Board Room by 12/31/2009

Town and Village board minutes online @ cherryvalleyny.us
Supervisor Garretson will contact Mayor Stiles to see if there is a necessity for a joint meeting at this time.

Visitor’s Center:
DOT use of occupancy permit has been approved. Supervisor Garretson received an e-mail from NYS DOT stating the land will not be sold, but will be leased for an undetermined amount of time at this time.

Highway Department:
Rabies clinic scheduled for September 15th from 6-8PM
Quote from Burr Truck for New Dump Truck $197,242.11.
A motion is made by Councilperson Cornwell for Highway Superintendent Vanderwerker to pursue purchase of a new dump truck for delivery by the end of 2009, motion seconded by Councilperson Johnson. All in favor. Motion carried.

BOE new councilperson positions are a one 4 year term and one 2 year term unexpired term.
A special election will take place on March 31 for the 20th congressional district.
Justices to send copy of Bonds and Undertaking to County Clerk
2009 elections will have a combination of the lever machines as well as the BMD (ballot marking device)

Land Use Committee:
Supervisor Garretson asked Councilperson Johnson to find out when the draft document Public Hearing will be.

Alternative/Renewable Energy Committee:
Meeting agenda for Feb. 25, 2009 presented to Town Clerk
List of neighboring land owners to receive questionnaire

Resolution 2009-3 Temporary Appointment by the Town Assessor

Proposed Action: Designation of a qualified person to stand in for the Town Assessor on Grievance Day

Whereas, the town assessor is required to be present with the board of assessment review on grievance day, the fourth Tuesday in May 2009, and

Whereas, the town assessor is expecting to give birth to her first child on or about the fourth Tuesday in May 2009, and

Whereas, the town assessor has the right to appoint a qualified person to supervisory role to stand in and answer any questions that the board of review may have, and

Whereas, the town assessor has asked to have George Cade appointed to a supervisory role to the board of assessment review, in the event that the town assessor is giving birth on the fourth Tuesday in May 2009, and

Whereas, George Cade is an assessor and has the qualifications to fill this role, and

Now, therefore be it resolved, the Cherry Valley Town Board appoints George Cade to stand in for the town assessor as needed on the forth Tuesday in May 2009.

Motion made to accept Resolution 2009-3 by Councilperson Johnson, seconded by Councilperson Cornwell. Roll call of votes is taken: Supervisor Garretson-yes, Councilperson Cornwell-yes, and Councilperson Johnson-yes. 3 yes 0 no. Duly carried.

Question and comments from the public present:

Andy Minnig presented a FOIL request to the Town Clerk from the Advocates for Cherry Valley. Mr. Minnig also spoke on behalf of Mr. And Mrs. Palminteri regarding the wind farm issue. Mr. Minnig read several quotes from an individual whose land adjoins a turbine owners land in another community. Mr. Minnig stated he is not opposed to a wind farm, but the placement of the wind farm.

Motion made by Councilperson Cornwell to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Councilperson Johnson meeting adjourned at 8:02PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Flint, Town Clerk