TB Meeting May 13, 2010

TB Meeting May 13, 2010

The regular meeting of the Town Board of Cherry Valley was held on Thursday, May 13, 2010 with meeting called to order at 7:02PM by Supervisor Garretson.

Pledge to the Flag was said.

Roll call of Officers was taken:
Tom Garretson Supervisor P
Mark Cornwell Councilperson Excused
Jim Johnson Councilperson P
Tim Horvath Councilperson P
Chris Barown Councilperson P
Ed VanDerWerker Highway Superintendent P
Mary Beth Flint Town Clerk P

Minutes of the April 2010 meeting were read. Supervisor Garretson approved the minutes as corrected.

Bills for the month of May 2010 are presented:
169 Quill Corporation $77.76pd
170 Transcription Associates $1,082.85pd
171 Cintas Corporation #121 $267.73pd
172 Cordia Communications $107.01pd
173 RL Parsons $1,247.48pd
174 US Postal Service $270.60pd
175 Jaird Johnson $62.98pd
176 Verizon Wireless $96.26pd
177 RBS Inc $250.00pd
178 Time Warner Cable Business $69.95pd
179 Broadview Networks $315.10pd
180 M Wheelock Disposal $41.50pd
181 The Copy Shop $45.41pd
182 Ikon Office Supply $196.91pd
183 Public Goods Pool $459.00pd
184 Edward VanDerWerker $221.86pd
185 Tri-County Communications Inc $179.10pd
186 Verizon $131.14pd
187 MVP Healthcare, Inc $1,875.38pd
188 Foit-Albert Associates, P.C. $1,896.62pd
189 Time Warner Cable Business $74.95pd
190 Medical Arts Press $39.00pd
191 Otsego County Dept of Info Tech $15.40pd
192 Village of Cherry Valley $357.75pd
193 George Cade $4,893.00pd
194 Paraco Gas $891.75pd
195 Bassett Healthcare $23,104.23pd
196 NBT Bank $30,336.00pd
197 Dorothy Johnson $54.20pd
198 Hughesnet $64.99pd
199 Thompson electric and Plumbing $427.25pd
200 Medical Arts Press $335.90pd
201 Thomas Garretson $17.60pd
202 Excellus BC/BS $222.47pd
203 National Grid $1,490.39pd

Highway Vouchers:
Item 1 (7-13)
Item 3 (59-74)
Item 4 (12)

Councilperson Barown made a motion to accept the invoices and payments as read Councilperson Johnson seconded the motion. The invoices and payments have been presented and accepted. All in favor 4 yes 0 no. Motion carried. Monthly budget and NBT account balances are reviewed. Budget is down due in part because of the Reevale, Visitor Center and Health Center. There is also a question whether or not the Town received a check for snow & ice removal from the County-Supervisor Garretson will follow up on this. Motion made by Councilperson Johnson to enter into a $70,000 bond for 5 years, Motion seconded by Councilperson Barown. All in favor 4 yes 0 no motion carried

Information presented to the Town Clerk by Supervisor Garretson is as follows:
Town share of monthly County sales tax collected for the month of February 2010 $6330.
Check NYS Dept of Taxation and Finance $1896.62
$250 check from Wal-Mart for volunteerism participation in the Town from one of their employees.
Association of Towns Booklet presented

Community Center:
Revenue for Apr was $362. and Expenses were $2346
Town and Village Lease Agreement copy to Board Members
Opera is renting the Community Center sporadically for the month of June and part of July

Miscellaneous Information:
CV-S Marching Band Community Calendar will include the Town Board and Planning Board monthly meetings
Motion made by Councilperson Horvath to make a donation to the American Cancer Society in memory of Russell Flint for $100, motion seconded by Councilperson Johnson. Motion carried.

Health Center:
Revenue for Apr $24,754and Expenses were $32,157. .
Special account for Health Center donation revenue and expenses has been created.
Appreciation Day donations totaled $9,200. This money has been deposited into the special account mentioned above. Donations are still coming in. The donations will not be part of the annual budget for the Health Center. The monies will be used for new equipment. The computer’s at the health center need to be integrated with the EMR(Electronic Medical Record) system at Bassett Medical Center.

Town Facilities:
George Cade reports he is getting good cooperation from the Town and Village people in regards to the reeval process He states he has approx. 100 homes left to re-contact to evaluate their property. He will be following up with a letter.

Community Facilities Corp:
Review of CVCFC loan balance with Wilber National Bank. John Connolly of WNB supplied balances to Supervisor Garretson.

Town and Village board minutes online @ cherryvalleyny.us
Town and Village Boards meet on May 17th in the Village Office @ 7PM

Visitor’s Center:
The State has been reimbursing on schedule as payments are presented from the Town. Councilperson Horvath had the opportunity to speak w/ a gentleman that studied all the Hop Barnes in Otsego County and was able to obtain good information regarding the design for the Visitor Center.

Planning Board:
Progress Review of 2010 Goals-on file with Town Clerk
A public hearing will be scheduled for the Draft Land Use Document at the next Town Board meeting on June 10th @ 7:00PM. This will be advertised in the Town Papers.

Resolution 2010-2 Record of Standard Work Day for Town Officials
Resolution of the Cherry Valley Town Board

Proposed Action: Record of Standard Work Day for Elected and Appointed Officials

Whereas, by the New York State and Local Retirement System Regulation #315.4 the town board must establish standard work days for elected and appointed officials who are members of the New York state and Local Retirement System, and

Whereas, by New York State and Local Retirement Regulations, a worksheet that reports the total number of days worked per month per official has been documented for three consecutive months and has been submitted to this board within the required 180 days of taking office, and

Now therefore be it resolved, the Cherry Valley Town Board adopts the Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution that is presented to the Town Clerk for public posing for the required 30 days prior to a certified copy being provided to the Office of the State Comptroller.

Councilperson Barown made a motion to adopt Resolution 2010-2 Record of Standard Work Day for Elected and Appointed Officials, Councilperson Horvath second the motion. Roll call vote was taken: Supervisor Garretson-yes, Councilperson Cornwell-Excused, and Councilperson Johnson-yes, Councilperson Barown-yes, Councilperson Horvath-yes, 4-yes 0-no. Motion duly carried.

Resolution 2010-2 will be posted on the Town Clerks board in the post office for 30 days. At the completion of the posting Resolution 2010-2 will be mailed to the State Comptrollers office.
Jane Sapinsky representative of the Artworks made a presentation regarding the Village Hall. Artworks and the Village have an agreement for a 30 year lease. Artworks have received a $45,000 grant to update the furnace, storm windows and septic system to the building. Artworks have hired and architect firm to help with restoration. Artworks will be holding a Gala on Saturday June 12 @ 7:00PM at the Star Theater in the Village Hall. Neil McManus from the County Codes office has granted approval to do the Gala.

Rodney Earls made a presentation on a proposed Local Trail System. He handed out information to the Board Members.

Question and comments from the public present:

Andy Minnig made an inquiry regarding the Road & Noise ordinance progression. Mr. Minnig also stated he attended a meeting sponsored by Otsego 2000 on the lack of legislation regarding gas drilling.

Motion made by Councilperson Barown to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Councilperson Horvath meeting adjourned at 8:49PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Flint, Town Clerk