DRAFT ONLY TB MEETING October 10, 2019

DRAFT ONLY TB MEETING October 10, 2019

The regular meeting of the Town Board of Cherry Valley was held on Thursday October 10, 2019 with meeting called to order at 6:57PM by Supervisor Garretson.

Pledge to the Flag was said

Roll call of Officers was taken:
Tom Garretson-Supervisor P
Jim Johnson-Councilperson P
Ed VanDerWerker-Councilperson P
Mark Cornwell-Councilperson P
Holly Waterfield-Excused
Tony Miles-Highway Superintendent P
Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk-P

Reading of last month’s minutes will be dispensed of and minutes accepted as presented and or corrected.

Presentation of invoices and payments:
96 Optimizer Systems Inc $275.00pd
97 Quill Corporation $463.61pd
98 Ricoh USA Inc $72.87pd
99 American Wholesalers $52.35pd
100 William T Ryan Associates $353.00pd
101 RBS Inc $300.00pd
102 National Grid $160.63pd
103 Magna 5 $274.46pd
104 Constellation Newenergy Inc $93.20pd
105 Public Goods Pool $24.00pd
106 Bassett Healthcare $44,732.74pd
107 Ricoh USA $17.80pd
VOIDED check 1412

217 NYS Association of Towns $899.00pd
218 Department of the Treasury $41.64pd
219 State Comptroller $3,320.00pd
220 Verizon $106.53pd
221 Bruce Hall Corp $35.99pd
222 Cherry Valley Hardware LLC $39.00pd
223 The Daily Star $94.78pd
224 Spectrum Enterprise $79.95pd
225 Spectrum Enterprise $74.95pd
226 Tri-County Communications Inc $179.10pd
DRAFT ONLY TB MEETING October 10, 2019

227 JB Supply $99.86pd
228 Cintas Corporation #121 $279.08pd
229 National Grid $356.81pd
230 Magna 5 $433.89pd
231 Constellation Newenergy Inc $105.44pd
232 William T Ryan Associates $975.42pd
233 Casella Waste Services $79.58pd
234 Excellus BC/BS $622.07pd
235 Verizon $110.65pd
236 United Healthcare $25.76pd
237 The Daily Star $64.40pd
238 Crown Plaza Resort and Golf Club $471.50pd

Highway Vouchers:
Item 1 (100-103)
Item 3 (358-366)
Item 4 (81-82)

Councilperson VanDerWerker made a motion to accept the invoices and payments as presented, Councilperson Johnson seconded the motion. The invoices and payments have been presented and accepted. All in favor 4 yes 0 no

Presentation of Invoices and Payments:
• Budget reviewed as well as NBT Account balances.

Misc. information to the Town Clerk:
• Sales tax for the month of AUG $8,538.79
• Roy Teitsworth Inc $11,300.00

Community Center Alden Field and Park:
• No new business

Miscellaneous updates:
• Received a letter from the State Comproller the Town’s stress level for 2016 was moderate 2017 and 2018 no designation.
• NBT working on Bond for truck
• Email from Chris Barown to move phone service from Magana5 to SpectrolTel to save money. Motion is made by Councilperson Cornwell to move from Magna 5 to Spectrum Tel 2nd by Councilperson VanDerwerker all in favor 4 yes 0 no Motion carried.
• Supervisor Garretson is working with the Town attorney on the transfer of the Parking Lot property to the Village.

• Town and Village Board Minutes and info- www.cherryvalleyny.us

DRAFT ONLY TB MEETING October 10, 2019

Highway Department:
• Superintendent Miles reported they are ready for winter weather.

Preliminary Budget for 2020 is distributed to the Town Board as well as the Town Clerk.

Resolution 2019-5 Estoppel Notice for 2019 Volvo Truck Motion to adopt Resolution 2019-5 is made by Councilperson Cornwell and 2nd by Councilperson Johnson. Roll call vote is taken: Supervisor Garretson-yes, Councilperson Johnson-yes, Councilperson VanDerwerker-yes and Councilperson Cornwell-yes. 4 yes 0 no. This Resolution will be posted outside the Clerk’s office for 30 days. Resolution 2019-5 duly carried.

Resolution 2019-6 ROA for Nicole VanDerwerker Motion to adopt Resolution 2019-6 is made by Councilperson Johnson 2nd by Councilperson VanDerwerker. Roll call vote is taken: Supervisor Garretson-yes, Councilperson Johnson-yes, Councilperson VanDerwerker-yes and Councilperson Cornwell. 4 yes 0 no Resolution 2019-6 is duly carried.

Public Questions, Comments and concerns…………..2 minute limit per request

Motion to adjourn- Councilperson Cornwell Seconded-Councilperson Johnson

There being no further business meeting adjourned at 7:29PM.

Next Town Board meeting and Public Hearing for Preliminary Budget Thursday November 14, 2019

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk-Town Board minutes were recorded.

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