Motion made by Councilperson Johnson to open the Public Hearing for Local Law 2021-1 Solar Energy Generating Systems 2nd by Councilperson VanDerwerker. Public hearing open at 6:55PM Phil Durkin let the Board know the link to the Land Use Regulations on the Web Site does not open. Also, on behalf of the Route20 Association thank you for considering the view shed in terms of the proposed Solar Generating Systems Law Motion to close the Public Hearing made by Councilperson Waterfield 2nd by Councilperson Cornwell. All in favor 5-yes 0-no Public hearing closed at 7:05PM DRAFT ONLY TB MEETING SEPTEMBER 09, 2021 The regular meeting of the Town Board of Cherry Valley was held on Thursday September 09, 2021 with meeting called to order at 7:05PM by Supervisor Garretson. Pledge to the Flag was said Roll call of Officers was taken: Tom Garretson-Supervisor P Jim Johnson-Councilperson P Ed VanDerwerker-Councilperson P Mark Cornwell-Councilperson P Holly Waterfield-P Highway Superintendent Marty Field-P Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk-P Reading of last month’s minutes will be dispensed of and minutes accepted as presented and or corrected. Presentation of invoices and payments: HEALTH CENTER FUND 80 Quill Corporation $212.90pd 81 Ricoh USA Inc $72.87pd 82 Spectrotel $284.22pd 83 Constellation Newenergy Inc $142.26pd 84 National Grid $161.97pd 85 Excellus BCBS $224.26pd 86 American Wholesalers $171.29pd 87 Bassett Healthcare $40,148.53pd GENERAL FUND 148 Ed Leslie Home Improvement (gym roof) $18,963.00pd DRAFT ONLY TB MEETING SEPTEMBER 09, 2021 149 Hummel’s Office Plus $38.76pd 150 JB Supply $404.16pd 151 NYS Magistrates Association $170.00pd 152 Community Planning Environmental Associates $1,538.65pd 153 Bruce Hall Corporation $2,773.35pd 154 Spectrum Enterprise $89.95pd 155 The Daily Star $31.87pd 156 Spectrum Enterprise $74.95pd 157 Spectrotel $371.40pf 158 Cintas Corporation #121 $266.84pd 159 National Grid $261.95pd 160 Constellation Newenergy Inc $182.93pd 161 Michigan Millers Insurance $1,030.00pd 162 On Time Waste $90.00pd 163 US Postal Service $64.00pd 164 Excellus BCBS $525.32pd 165 State Comptroller $12,367.00pd 166 United Healthcare $31.71pd VOIDED CHECK 14303 VOIDED CHECK 14311 Highway Vouchers: Item 1 (169-177) Item 3 (386-395) Councilperson Johnson made a motion to accept the invoices and payments as presented, Councilperson Waterfield seconded the motion. The invoices and payments have been presented and accepted. All in favor 5 yes 0 no Presentation of Invoices and Payments: • Budget reviewed as well as NBT Account balances. Misc. information to the Town Clerk: • Sales Tax for the month of JULY check from the County $8,921.92 • Otsego County Treasurer Snow & Ice $38,481.88 Community Center Alden Field and Park: • Gym area remains closed for ceiling repairs. • Fall soccer programs are starting on Alden Field Miscellaneous: • Supervisor Garretson handed out the County Equalization rates for 2022 tax rolls Town Planning Board: DRAFT ONLY TB MEETING SEPTEMBER 09, 2021 • Solar Generating Systems Law information has been submitted to the County Planning Department. Need to wait 30 days for comments, if any, from the County Planning Department Village: • Town and Village Board Minutes and info- Federal/State/County: • Dave Bliss, county rep is present at tonight’s meeting and gave a brief update on County business in regards to EMS and ambulance services for the County. • County Administrator has been hired. Highway Department: • Highway Superintendent Field would like to look into an additional structure built for cold storage. • Motion to have the Highway Superintendent to price out additional structure for cold storage made by Councilperson Johnson 2nd by Councilperson Cornwell. All in favor 5-yes 0-non Motion Carried • HSF provided spec sheets for new trucks. Truck manufacturers are 1-2 years out for completion. Spec prices will change in 2 years. • Paving is done. Bridge work is completed. Guardrail Company notified to set rails. Resolution 2021-5 Otsego County Hazard Mitigation Plan presented to the Town Board and is filed with the Town Clerk Motion to accept Resolution 2021-5 Otsego County Hazard Mitigation Plan made by Councilperson Cornwell and 2nd by Councilperson Waterfield. All in favor roll call vote: Supervisor Garretson-yes, Councilperson Johnson-yes, Councilperson VanDerwerker-yes, Councilperson Cornwell-yes and Councilperson Waterfield-Yes 5-yes 0-no Resolution 2021-5 duly carried. Local Law 2021-1 Solar Energy Generating Systems will be voted on after the 30 day waiting period ends by the County Planning Board. Tentative Budget for 2022 is presented to the Town Board for review and comments. Public Questions, Comments and concerns…………..2 minute limit per request There being no further business meeting adjourned at 8:05PM. Next Town Board meeting and Public Hearing for Tax Cap Override Law Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk Town Board minutes were recorded.

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