DRAFT ONLY TB MEETING AUGUST 12, 2021 The regular meeting of the Town Board of Cherry Valley was held on Thursday August 12, 2021 with meeting called to order at 7:00PM by Supervisor Garretson. Pledge to the Flag was said Roll call of Officers was taken: Tom Garretson-Supervisor P Jim Johnson-Councilperson P Ed Vanderwerker-Councilperson P Mark Cornwell-Councilperson P Holly Waterfield-P Highway Superintendent Marty Field-P Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk-P Reading of last month’s minutes will be dispensed of and minutes accepted as presented and or corrected. Presentation of invoices and payments: HEALTH CENTER FUND 70 Ricoh USA Inc $72.87pd 71 Spectrotel $267.63pd 72 RL Parsons Inc $9.02pd 73 National Grid $164.34pd 74 American Wholesalers $52.35pd 75 Constellation Newenergy Inc $138.13pd 76 Quill Corporation $150.40pd 77 Ricoh USA Inc $17.80pd 78 Public Good Pool $286.00pd 79 Bassett Healthcare $42,008.82pd GENERAL FUND 131 Community Planning Environmental Associates (NS) $1,707.82pd 132 Bruce Hall Corp $3,033.45pd 133 ABM Fire Equipment Inc $288.75pd 134 Emerson Testing LLC $89.95pd 135 Emerson Testing LLC $25.00pd 136 Fargo Overland Protective Services $120.00pd 137 Oneonta Garage Doors $1,135.00pd 138 NYS Town Clerks Association $75.00pd 139 Cintas Corporation #121 $333.55pd 140 Spectrotel $363.86pd 141 Spectrum Enterprise $74.95pd 142 Constellation Newenergy Inc $154.33pd 143 National Grid $236.30pd DRAFT ONLY TB MEETING AUGUST 12, 2021 144 NYS Magistrates Association $85.00pd 145 Excellus BCBS $525.32pd 146 On Time Waste $52.00pd 147 United Healthcare $31.71pd Voided check 14264 Voided check 14280 Highway Vouchers: Item 1 (161-168) Item 3 (375-385) Item 4 (148-149) Councilperson Johnson made a motion to accept the invoices and payments as presented, Councilperson VanDerwerker seconded the motion. The invoices and payments have been presented and accepted. All in favor 5 yes 0 no Presentation of Invoices and Payments: • Budget reviewed as well as NBT Account balances. Misc. information to the Town Clerk: • Sales Tax for the month of JUNE check from the County $12,952.28 • United State Treasury $3,321.82 refund for amount previously paid • American rescue plan total will be $67,621.00 over 2 years. Community Center Alden Field and Park: • Gym area had to be closed again due to ceiling repairs. Part of the ceiling started coming down. • Outdoor games is happening on August 20 and August 21 Miscellaneous: • Supervisor Garretson was invited to the Emergency Squad meeting tonight, unfortunately it is the same time as our Town Board meeting. Health Center: • Supervisor Garretson gets a Bassett bill every month for salaries and Aletta’s salary has increased due to more hours being worked. Town Planning Board: • Community Facilities Corp/Old School: • All the apartments are rented except for 2 DRAFT ONLY TB MEETING AUGUST 12, 2021 Village: • Town and Village Board Minutes and info- www.cherryvalleyny.us • There is a street light out in front of the Community Center that the Town is responsible for. Village Mayor is having it taken care of. Highway Department: • HSF reports Dietche Road is open. Will be putting up guardrails. Supervisor Garretson is working on the Budget for next year. Instructed Highway Superintendent Field to purchase a new piece of equipment to keep the rotation of equipment new. Resolution 2021-3 Solar Energy Systems Law-Introduction PROPOSED ACTION: Introducing a Local Law proposing regulations controlling Solar Energy Generating Systems in the Town of Cherry Valley. NOW, THEREFORE: Please see the attached document (filed with the Town Clerk) Motion to accept Resolution 2021-3 made by Councilperson Vanderwerker and 2nd by Councilperson Johnson. All in favor roll call vote: Supervisor Garretson-yes, Councilperson Johnson-yes, Councilperson VanDerwerker-yes, Councilperson Cornwell-yes and Councilperson Waterfield-Yes 5-yes 0-no Resolution 2021-3 duly carried. Environmental Assessment Form is reviewed by the Town Board at tonight’s meeting. Motion to accept the full Environmental Assessment Form concerning the Solar Generating Systems in Cherry Valley-Motion made by Councilperson Waterfield and 2nd by Councilperson Cornwell. All in favor 5-yes 0-no Motion carried. Resolution 2021-4 In support of commitment for Broadband in the Town of Cherry Valley Motion to accept Resolution 2021-4 is made by Councilperson Vanderwerker 2nd Councilperson Johnson Roll call vote Supervisor Garretson-yes, Councilperson Johnson-yes, Councilperson VanDerwerker-yes, Councilperson Cornwell-yes and Councilperson Waterfield-Yes 5-yes 0-no Resolution 2021-4 duly carried. Public Questions, Comments and concerns…………..2 minute limit per request Motion to adjourn- Councilperson Johnson Seconded-Councilperson Cornwell There being no further business meeting adjourned at 7:57PM. Next Town Board meeting and Public Hearing is September 09, 2021 AT 7:00PM Respectfully submitted, Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk Town Board minutes were recorded.

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