Saturday, July 17, 2021


DRAFT ONLY TB MEETING JULY 08, 2021 The regular meeting of the Town Board of Cherry Valley was held on Thursday July 08, 2021 with meeting called to order at 7:00PM by Supervisor Garretson. Pledge to the Flag was said Roll call of Officers was taken: Tom Garretson-Supervisor P Jim Johnson-Councilperson P Ed Vanderwerker-Councilperson P Mark Cornwell-Councilperson P Holly Waterfield-P Highway Superintendent Marty Field-P Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk-P Reading of last month’s minutes will be dispensed of and minutes accepted as presented and or corrected. Presentation of invoices and payments: HEALTH CENTER FUND 58 Spectrotel $264.22pd 59 Quill Corporation $407.83pd 60 Ricoh USA Inc $72.87pd 61 National Grid $141.66pd 62 Constellation Newenergy Inc $98.05pd 63 American Wholesalers $52.35pd 64 RBS Inc $1,200.00pd 65 Public Goods Pool $288.00pd 66 Ricoh USA Inc $17.80pd 67 Quill Corporation $87.84pd 68 Bassett Healthcare $53,836.78pd 69 Carpet Doctor $260.00pd GENERAL FUND 113 State Comptroller $2,332.00pd 114 Comm Planning Envir Associates $1,346.67pd 115 Tri-County Communications Inc $179.10pd 116 The Daily Star $71.56pd 117 Spectrotel $368.55pd 118 Spectrum Enterprise $74.95pd 119 Cintas Corporation #121 $326.59pd 120 Spectrum Enterprise $89.95pd 121 National Grid $216.93pd 122 RL Parsons Inc $389.51pd 123 Constellation Newenergy Inc $114.68pd 124 On Time Waste $58.00pd 125 Deluxe $455.15pd 126 United Healthcare $31.71pd 127 State Comptroller $4,517.00pd 128 Hummel’s Office Plus $384.50pd 129 Carpet Doctor $840.00pd 130 Department of the Treasury $3,317.45pd Voided check 14216 Highway Vouchers: Item 1 (156-160) Item 3 (369-374) Item 4 (147) Councilperson VanDerwerker made a motion to accept the invoices and payments as presented, Councilperson Waterfield seconded the motion. The invoices and payments have been presented and accepted. All in favor 5 yes 0 no Presentation of Invoices and Payments: • Budget reviewed as well as NBT Account balances. Misc. information to the Town Clerk: • Sales Tax for the month of MAY check from the County $6,918.77 Community Center Alden Field and Park: • Community Center is opened back up for rentals. In the spring of 2022, the Community Center will be closed for repairs to the roof and ceiling as well as other minor repairs that needs to be completed. • Jeff Stiles reported the ceiling has been inspected and is safe to proceed with reopening. We may opt to close off the balcony area. Supervisor Garretson filled out the forms for the American Rescue plan money and sent them in to the Federal Gov. Town Planning Board: • Councilperson Waterfield states the draft solar law is with the Attorney, John Lyons. for review. Community Facilities Corp/Old School: • All Senior apartments are rented with the exception of 2 smaller apartments. Supervisor Garretson has been in contact with DEC officer Tim Card regarding the situation on Chestnut Street. Officer Card is waiting on Solid Waste to get back to him. Village: • Town and Village Board Minutes and info- Highway Department: • Highway Superintendent Field reported the Town Highway has to be enrolled into a Federal Clearing House program with the Insurance company. When a new employee is hired by the Town Highway Department their license has to go to the Insurance Company to be run in the Federal check data base. • Dietche Road is in line to be completed soon. Will be using Suit-Kote for the paving. • HS Field would like to rent a Boom mower to clear the bigger debris along the roads to be able to maintain the sides of the road with the new tractor. Public Questions, Comments and concerns…………..2 minute limit per request Supervisor Garretson spoke to a Spectrum employee installing cable on Tom’s Road, which is a Town Road and the employee stated Otsego County is the only County in the State having issues with Spectrum. Anyone living on a County Road needs to attend the County Board meeting to pursue and get answers to questions regarding cable services on a County Road. Councilperson Waterfield stated when she went to Spectrum’s site and put her address in, which is a Town road, it said there is no plan for future service. Councilperson Cornwell stated making phone calls to Congressman Delgado’s office and Senator Oberacker’s office to state concerns. Motion to adjourn- Councilperson VanDerwerker Seconded-Councilperson Cornwell There being no further business meeting adjourned at 7:39PM. Next Town Board meeting is AUGUST 12, 2021 AT 7:00PM Respectfully submitted, Mary Beth Flint-Town Clerk Town Board minutes were recorded.

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